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Japan’s Harajuku Station to be rebuilt by 2020

It has been decided that Harajuku Station will be rebuilt before the Tokyo Olympic.

It’s a good news!! 😀

Harajuku Station is a very famous spot for tourists. You have to check it out if you ever have a chance to visit Tokyo.

It also attracts a large number of Japanese people because it’s close to Meiji Shrine which is Tokyo’s best-known spot for a New Year’s visit to a Shinto shrine.

Also it’s close to Harajuku, a hot spot for young people, and Omotesando, a more sophisticated area.

I have been to Harajuku Station many times but the station is very small, old and always jam-packed😯

So I avoid using Harajuku Station and use Metro instead, if possible.

It’s expected to have more people in Tokyo towards the Tokyo Olympic and Harajuku will definitely be the place that will attract many people.

So I’m glad it will be rebuilt!  😀


Okami :roll:


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