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How to avoid long line at Tokyo Immigration Bureau from today!!

I would like to share my secret of saving time at Tokyo Immigration Bureau. You will even spend less time than lining up at post office! Isn’t that great? Here is how.

Have you had a bad experience at Shinagawa Immigration Bureau wasting the whole day there

If you are foreigners living in Tokyo, you probably have. I feel that it’s getting worse with more foreigners in Tokyo.

Even if you are lucky, you easily spend half of your day there lining up in a long queue and sometimes you end up spending the whole day until your name gets called for your visa application.

If you have a job, you even have to take a paid day off just to get some paper work done. I’ve done it (many times)! And it was never fun. 🙁

Did you know that there is another Immigration Bureau where there is pretty much no line at all??

It’s in Tachikawa. It’s a branch office. Here’s the site.

I know Tachikawa is not the closest place to go if you live in one of Tokyo 23 wards. But considering the fact that you waste so much time at Shinagawa office, it might be worth a trip

If you happen to live close to Tachikawa, then it’s even better! Not many people know about this Tachikawa branch office. That’s probably why it’s empty. 😉 

I’ve been there several times, and sometimes I spent less time than lining up at post office!!  Isn’t that great??

I actually don’t want to share this information because if more people know about it, then it will start to get crowded. lol  But my site is not the most popular site, so this is my gift to you to show my appreciation for visiting my humble blog! 😀

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Let me know how your experience went by leaving a comment below! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Have a good productive day! 

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