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9 easy steps to order customized Subway sandwich in Japan

When you are not completely fluent in Japanese, Subway where staff asks you millions of questions, it may seem difficult.

But don’t give up on your fresh sandwich! If you know exactly what they will going to ask, then you can be prepared.

If you have ever ordered a sandwich at Subway in the US, it’s pretty much the same.

This is how it goes

1. First you pick a sandwich kind you want and tell the staff. I like Veggie Delite or Subway Club.

2. Then the staff asks what kind of bread you will like for your sandwich. You pick from – honey oats, sesame, wheat, white and flat bread. I like honey oats and sesame.

3. You are asked if you want to toast your bread. I prefer not to.

4. You will be asked if there is any vegetable that you don’t want. If you don’t like something you see in front of you, you can just point to it to make sure it doesn’t end up on your sandwich. I usually get vegetable “Omori (extra large portion)”. It’s for free.

5. Next, staff asks if you want any additional toppings. They usually have picture of all available toppings on the counter glass. I usually order slice cheese and hot pepper. This jalapeño pepper is not listed as topping. But all you people craving for hot spicy food, this is the timing to ask for as much as you want!

6. Basically based on the sandwich you picked, there is already recommended sauce to go with. Staff will tell you the recommended sauce, but you can switch to different one. Just like available additional toppings, there will be a picture of all available sauce on the counter glass. I like oil and vinegar. I think oil and vinegar is already recommended sauce for both of my favorite sandwiches, Veggie Delite and Subway Club so I don’t have to change it. But when I take out, I can ask for a separate pack of oil and vinegar so I can put them on my sandwich when I eat. So even for take out, I don’t have to eat soggy sandwich.

7. Okay you are almost done now. The last, you will be asked if you want any drink or side menu with your sandwich. They have a set menu that’s a little bit cheaper than you buy each separately. I usually drink coke or hot tea. If you order cold soft drink, it’s usually self-service. So if you get an empty cup, don’t be surprised. If tea or coffee, you usually get your drink when you pay.

8. Congratulation! You have been successful with your order and it’s time to pay. After you pay, go get your soft drink. It’s one time only unlike most of fast food places in the US with all-you-can-drink.

9. Take a seat and enjoy your sandwich!!!!

If you are not comfortable with all these conversation, just pick your sandwich in the beginning from the picture menu and say that number and keep saying NO to all the questions. You will get your sandwich anyway. It’s just not customized.  😆

Let me know how your order went by leaving a comment below. I would love to get your feedback!

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