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Costco Japan online shopping is available now!

Are you a Costco fan? I am. 🙂 I go there about once a month. Costco is quite famous among Japanese people too. So if you go on weekends, you are likely to be stressed out with aisles after aisles full of people. It is less crowded on weekdays, but going to Costco on weekdays might not be an option for many of you.

If you love Costco Japan but hate to wait in a long line, here is a great news for you!!

Costco online shopping is available in Japan from December 10th, 2019!!

What can you find in Costco Japan Online Shopping?

You can find most of products you can find in Costco brick-and-mortar stores. Except that I cannot find bakery items nor vegetables/fruits. Bummer… 🙁 It would have made my life so much easier if bakery items were available online since I love their bread and bagels. Basically, fresh food items and dairy products that can easily go bad are not available online.

However, most of their cakes and some of its deli items (very limited) can be pre-ordered online. But you will have to pick up at one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

They also offer lots of items that are available online only. So it’s worth checking out online shopping just for that.

What is the official Costco Online Shopping site?

Here is the official site for Costco Online Shopping.
English site is available and you will be able to switch the site to English. However, somehow it keeps switching back to Japanese setting in my case… If it happens to you too, you will have to switch back to English everytime.

How can I use Costco Japan Online Shopping?

To be able to use online shopping, you will have to register an online account using your Costco membership in Japan. You will have to enter your information such as membership number, name, birthday, address, etc. ※Only memberships created in Japan can be activated.
Click the link below to register an account online.
If you see the page in Japanese, you can find the link at the top right corner for switching to English page.

English shopping!

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