You are currently viewing GREEN SPRINGS Grand Opening 2020 April 10, Friday in Tachikawa, TOKYO #GREENSPRINGS

GREEN SPRINGS Grand Opening 2020 April 10, Friday in Tachikawa, TOKYO #GREENSPRINGS

[With coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), a lots of shops are temporarily being closed. GREEN SPRINGS is opening as scheduled but many stores are rescheduling their opening until later.]

GREEN SPRINGS is a new hot place to be open in Tachikawa, Tokyo this April 2020! GREEN SPRINGS is a huge urban culture place with multipurpose hall, hotel, office, shops/restaurants and even park! Opening of GREEN SPRINGS is an exciting news not only to tourists but also to local people. I have long been waiting for GREEN SPRINGS to open and it is finally grand opening this Friday! I included the list of shops/restaurants opening in this blog. Check them out and see if you find anything interesting!

GREEN SPRINGS is conveniently located – 25 minutes from downtown Tokyo and 15 minutes from the nature, Showa Kinen Park. Before GREEN SPRINGS is constructed, this large green area used to be a place for goats! Many goats were wandering around eating weeds. 😉


GREEN SPRINGS’ concept is “Wellbeing Town”. Here is the concept described in the official website.

A “Wellbeing Town” Connecting the Sky, the Earth, and People

“Now, people across the world are beginning to reexamine the original joy of humanity and give more reverence to truly human happiness. This is a new form of town that we would like to present for this new era: the “Wellbeing Town” that is based upon the theme of a lifestyle that is healthy for both the body and mind. With nature and the city intermingling, Tachikawa is a magical place whose richness is precisely what has allowed for the creation of Green Springs, the urban culture space of the future. We hope you will look forward to all that it has to offer.”

(GREEN SPRINGS official website)

Area Map

GREEN SPRINGS has 5 different types of facilities.

01. Hall
02. Hotel
03. Office
04. Shops & Restaurants
05. Park

Area Map


TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN is the largest multipurpose hall in the Tama area with indoor and outdoor integrated. It has a seating capacity of more than 2,500 with 2,448 indoor seats and 628 outdoor seats.

Source: GREEN SPRINGS website

TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN will host many concerts/lives and other events. Walt Disney Animation Studio “The Concert” is an example.

Unfortunately, all scheduled events at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN are canceled or rescheduled due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

For example, grand opening event THE PIANIST “SPECIAL” is rescheduled from April 12th Sunday, 2020 to April 11th Sunday, 2021. If you already have the ticket, you can keep it until next year. Or you can get refund if you want.

See details about the schedule on their official website.

TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN official website: (Only Japanese)


SORANO HOTEL is a luxurious hotel with a rooftop infinity pool of a park view! I wrote about SORANO HOTEL separately. Check it out if you are interested!

SORANO HOTEL official website: (English available)

03. Office

A next-generation office space! Tama Shinkin Bank Head Office is going to move to GREEN SPRINGS.

04. Shops & Restaurants

Here is the list of shops and restaurants. Some shops/restaurants open in May or later.


  • under the cascade – Opening Postponed
  • FAVERS – May, 2020 Open
  • Family Mart
  • R Baker Inspired by court rosarian – Opening Postponed
  • PAPERMOONJune, 2020 Open
  • FLOWERS BAKE&ICE CREAM – Opening Postponed
  • Sestina – Opening Postponed
  • GOOD SOUND COFFEE – Opening Postponed



  • THE Dragonfly BAR – Opening Postponed



05. Park

A large open square with an area of around 10,000 m² is in the center of GREEN SPRINGS. This space will also be used as a venue for a wide variety of events and bringing people together.

How to Access

Detail Information

〒190-0014 Midoricho, 4-1 Tachikawa, Tokyo

Official Website: (Available in English)

FACEBOOK: (Japanese only)


GREEN SPRINGS is very close to SHOWA KINEN PARK and IKEA. So Tachikawa is a perfect place to spend the weekend for family, couple, or even by yourself! Why don’t you hang out in Tachikawa on weekends? (Of course after this new coronavirus is settled……)

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