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Apply for a credit card with translation service by Yolo Japan

This service is no longer offered by Yolo Japan. (as of March 2020)

There are several well known Japanese websites that offer various services to foreigners to support their life in Japan. Such services include searching jobs, finding apartment, getting support with education, etc. I remember searching for my first full-time job in Japan using (Very very long time ago …)

Yolo Japan is one of such companies. They are relatively new (since 2004) but they offer wide range of good services to foreigners in Japan such as employment, finance, education, real estate, etc. They have been introducing part-time jobs only, but recently started to offer full-time jobs as well. This fall in 2019, they will open Japan’s first foreigner inbound training facility called “YOLO BASE” in Osaka fully equipped with hotels, restaurants, event venues, etc.

If you are interested in their services, go check it out here.
They have special surveys and influencer work offered only to foreigners. You may win Amazon gift card, etc. or they may pay you in cash for the work.

Apply for a credit card with support from Yolo Japan

One of the services they offer that might be very helpful to foreigners is the support for applying for a credit card with translation service in Japanese. So you can get a Japanese credit card even if you don’t speak or read Japanese. Yolo Japan offers translation service in 5 different languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

If you are a foreigner and have ever tried to open a bank account or apply for a credit card in Japan, you know how complicated and difficult it is. If you pass screening by Yolo Japan, they will help you go through the process. The application page on the Mitsui Sumitomo page is in Japanese but it will be explained to you in details by actual staff from Yolo Japan. I this this service is quite unique and it would be very helpful if you are very new to Japan life.

What kind of credit card is it?

The card you will be applying is the “Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Classic Card” which is a card made for foreigners in Japan. You can use it for usual shopping, travel, etc. Mitsui Sumitomo Card is one of the most well known credit card brand in Japan.

Since Mitsui Suimitomo Visa Classic Card is made for foreigners, the maximum amount for the card won’t be that large. However, it would be a good card to start with as your first credit card in Japan. In addition, once you build good credit record by owning a credit card, it would be easy to get your second credit card and more in Japan.

a credit card made for foreigners in Japan

Are you having difficulty getting a credit card in Japan? Why don’t you try their service? Here’s the link for detail information about apply for a credit card. (the site is no longer accessible)

I hope this information would make your life easier in Japan!

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