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Free professional consultation (with interpreter in 11 languages) for foreigners in Japan

September 7th, 2019. Mark your calendar. Is your Japanese not good enough and you don’t know who to consult about any problem you may having living in Japan as foreigner? There is a FREE professional consultation service available for foreigners. Professional fields available are law, labor, education, etc. If you are seeking for advice about your visas, status of residence, social security, work, education, international marriage, divorce, domestic violence, or any other problems in daily life, they can help you.

Who provides free professional consultation?

Free professional consultation will be provided by Tachikawa Multicultural Center which is an NPO. They have been doing this every year. And this year it will be on Saturday of September 7th, 2019. I am a member of the NPO and this year I will be participating for the first time as one of volunteer interpreters.

I don’t speak Japanese. Can I still get help?

Are you worried about your Japanese? Then don’t worry. Interpreters can assist you in 11 different languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Thai and Nepali. If your language is not available, try contacting us. We might be able to find someone for you.

Where do I find more detail information?

Here is the link for the details on TMC’s official Facebook page.

Remember, it’s free! So even if you have a doubt, it might be worth giving it a try if you have any unresolved problem. NPO members are working really hard towards it. The consultation is in September but they have already started preparing for it since May. So this is a very serious job for us too. Feedback from last year was very positive and most of the people who came found the service very helpful for them.

Hope this information is helpful for you. If you have any question, please send me an email to or leave me a comment below. I would be more than happy to help you.

Finally, if you ever come to Tachikawa, I recommend you going to Showa Kinen Park. Check out what’s happening in Showa Kinen Park here.

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