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Beer Train 2019 ~ Festival Train ~ Tama Monorail

Imagine the commuting train you take everyday to work turns into an Izakaya (いざかや:Japanese bar or pub) so you can drink and eat inside the train. Isn’t that awesome? There is actually such train in Japan – Tama Monorail! 🙂

Tama Monorail is a monorail train in western area of Tokyo that connects Kamikitadai to Tachikawa-Kita. It’s a quite short line with only 19 stops, but it stops at important stations like Tachikawa-Kita, Tachikawa-Minami, Tama Dobutsukoen (Tama Zoological Park), and Tama-Center. It’s normally packed with commuters on weekdays. However, the train is relatively empty on Weekends and that’s why they can do event like Beer Train.

What is Beer Train?

It’s Tama Monorail 20th anniversary this year, and Beer Train 2019 is an event to celebrate the anniversary. But they have been doing Beer Train for several years now.

For a limited time, train turns into an Izakaya so you can drink and eat having fun with people. Izakaya is a Japanese word for a bar or pub. Look at the picture below. That’s how it’s going to look like inside the train! I guess you need to go to the restroom before you hop on the train. 😉

Beer Train 2018
(Source: Tama Monorail Official Website)

Event Information

Beer Train 2019 will be available for 140 people. Unfortunately, signing up period is already over for this year. Since it’s the 20th anniversary this year, 20 people will be selected to ride Beer Train 2019 for free. But there has to be at least one person who is in his/her 20s in your group to qualify for free ticket.

July 13th 2019 (Saturday) @ 6PM

Kamikitadai Station (depart around 6PM) →
Tama-Center Station (stop for about 50 minutes and return) →
Tachikawa-Kita Station (plan to finish around 7:55PM)

4,000 yen per person for draft beer all-you-can-drink, snacks, souvenir, and whole-day monorail pass

Although you can no longer sign up for the event this year, if you are around Tama Monorail on July 13th, you might be able to see what Beer Train looks like. 😉

What’s next?

If you missed this year, they might do it again for next year since they seem to have been doing it for several years already. Besides, it’s not just beer but they also did Wine Train and Hyouketu Train (vodka diluted with fruit flavored carbonated water) in 2018. Why don’t you aim next year?

Wine Train 2018 Premium for celebrating 20th anniversary of Tama Monorail
(Source: Tama Monorail Official Website)

It turns out Beer Train is not just for Tama Monorail. There are more Beer Trains throughout Japan!! Japanese people like trains and beer so it makes sense they combine these two. 🙂 Go check out other Beer Train information here and see if there is anything that you like.

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