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Showa Kinen Park sunflowers in the summer

Yellow sunflowers and the blue sky is perfect for the summer.

At Showa Kinen Park you can enjoy different kinds of flowers almost year-around. Today I would like to introduce sunflowers at Showa Kinen Park.

The best season is supposedly the beginning of August. Bright yellow colored sunflowers suit the summer very well. It makes me feel energized and lively.

This year, there were two types of sunflowers at Showa Kinen Park – Hybrid Sunflowers and Sunfinity Sunflowers.

The summer in Tokyo is very hot and humid. I meant to visit the sunflower hill in the beginning of August when it is the best season. However, I kept procrastinating due to the weather. By the time I finally made it, it seemed that the peak season has past. 🙁

I recommend you going there before noon during the peak season – early August.

Pictures I took below are the ones I took when I was there on August 16th. Sunflowers were drooping down. It was maybe because I visited there around 4pm. I overheard someone saying that they are straight in the morning. Really???

Before sunflowers, there were red poppy flowers on the same hill. Therefore, I was expecting the same scale as red poppy flowers. However, sunflowers were covering only the half of the hill and the other half was being prepared for the next season flowers – I’m expecting Cosmos. Here is a blog post about red poppy flowers at Showa Kinen Park, if you are interested.

Pictures of Sunflowers

Here are the pictures I took. As you can, Hybrid Sunflowers are drooping and are not at their best condition. Sunfinity Sunflowers were at their peak though. I want to revenge next year for better pictures!!!

When I went to the park around 4PM, sunflowers were all facing away from the sun. Aren’t they supposed to face the sun??
Sunflowers drooping down…. is it because it’s almost off season?? 🙁
Sunflowers were all drooping down… (T_T) This wasn’t the view I was expecting.
Sunfinity Sunflowers look different than typical sunflowers I know. They were the peak season when I was there in the mid August.
Sunfinity Sunflowers fill the half of the hill.
You can also enjoy other kinds of flowers.


Flower Hill North Side / Hanano-Oka Kita-gawa (花の丘 北側:はなのおか きたがわ) 
It’s located in the north side of Showa Kinen Park. Sunagawa Gate is the closest. See the following map for the location of the Flower Hill / Hanano-Oka.

It’s really close from Sunagawa Gate but quite far away from any other gates. I recommend you go from Sunagawa Gate.

You can check out information about what kind of flowers you can see right now at Showa Kinen Park, check out this page. (Japanese only)

Enjoy Showa Kinen Park!

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