You are currently viewing Japan’s Largest Food Festival – “Manpaku” in Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park

Japan’s Largest Food Festival – “Manpaku” in Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park

<This event has ended for 2019>
One of Japan’s largest food festivals with about 70 stores is happening again this year at Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa for 19 days! You will find a variety of food choice – meat, seafood, sweets, ramen, fried foods, sweets, etc.

First of all, check this page for the list of shops! (Japanese only)

Weekday was not so crowded but expect a big crowd on Weekends!
This year particularly, it’s the first time Bread Shops are participating. Weekends only though!


<This event has ended for 2019>

May 16th, 2019 (Thu) ~ June 3rd, 2019 (Mon) For 19 days!!
10:30AM ~ 9PM ※Last day: ~ 6PM

Showa Kinen Park Green Cultural Zone (3173 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-00)
In fact, Green Cultural Zone is NOT inside Showa Kinen Park. Make sure you see the map below to see where exactly it is.

10 minutes walk from JR Tachikawa Station North Exit / 8 minutes walk from Tama Monorail Tachikawa-Kita Station

The link below explains the route of how to get to Showa Kinen Park Green Cultural Zone with pictures. Unfortunately, the page is in Japanese only. However, pictures of landmarks are self-explanatory even if you don’t read Japanese.

Pink area is where Manpaku shops are located

Manpuku admission only –
Weekdays: 500 yen
Weekends: 800 yen
※ Free for middle school or younger

Manpuku + Showa Kinen Park –
Weekdays: 800 yen
Weekends: 1,000 yen

Food and drink purchases on site are charged separately.
Re-entry is possible only on the day of admission.
Rain or shine

▪️OFFICIAL SITE (Japanese only)

Absolutely huge space with more than 70 stores!

Useful Tips

In order to enjoy Manpaku to the fullest, see the useful tips below.

  1. Go after 5PM and get “night discount coupons” – Five 50 yen discount coupons that you can use in either of two areas specified. You can save up to 250 yen!
  2. Add Manpaku account as your LINE friend and get a 500 yen drink discount coupon if you collect 5 points by doing the following.
    – Go to Manpaku and get 1 point
    – On a rainy day, get 1 point
    – Go on Saturday or Sunday after 5PM and get 1 point
    – Buy Manpaku souvenirs over 1,000 yen at once and get 1 point
    – Use the massage booth (separate fee) and get 1 point
    – Play either at “Kids Area” or “Manpaku Fair” (separate fee) and get 1 point
    – Complete stamp rally of Showa Kinen Park and get 1 point
    – Take a picture with “Pou” and get 1 point
    – Hashtag 「#まんパク」on Twitter or Instagram and get 1 point
    – 3 Points by participating in “Manpaku Quiz King Decision Battle” on 5/23 (Thu.) or 5/30 (Thu.) or by getting a limited special menu at “Tuna Dismantling Show” held on every Saturday and Sunday
  3. E-money can be used – ID, QuicPay, Nanaco, Rakuten Edy, Waon, Kitaca, Suica, Pasmo, Tolca, Manaca, Icoca, Sugoca, Nimoca, Hayakaken (As a matter of fact, Japan has way too many pre-paid e-money cards…..)
  4. Last but not least, Get special discount in other shops/places of Tachikawa with Manpaku ticket. See the map below for participating places. (the same day only)

Enjoy the food festival!

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