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Golden Week In Tokyo: 7 Things To Do With Your Kids If You’re Stuck In The City

You have no plan for this golden week like us? And you are stuck with your kids for the next whole week? Uh oh…. Here are 7 things you might want to consider to entertain your kids and also yourself! I have a toddler myself and these activities will mainly have toddlers in mind but I’m sure big kids will also enjoy!

#1 Strawberry Picking

Yummy strawberries…

Are you strawberry-holic? My son is! I think most of kids have things for strawberries. If my son finds out there are places where you can eat strawberries until you cannot literally eat anymore, his response will like this. Are we in heaven?

There are tons of places where you can do strawberry picking. You need to reserve your spot in advance for some of the places. Check it out here! (Sorry, it’s only in Japanese. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below! I would love to help you out.)


#2 Flower Festival

Just the tip of the iceberg… There are tons of flowers waiting for you at Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa

There are tons of places where you can enjoy flowers throughout Tokyo early from March through May. My favorite and recommendation is Showa Memorial Park Flower Festival! Showa Memorial Park is is a park in the city of Tachikawa, 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo. It’s a huge park with lots and lots of various flowers you can enjoy throughout spring. Go check it out!

Normally you have to pay admission fee, but it’s free on 4/29 (Mon) and 5/19 (Sun)!!

Expect a lot of people on those days. But even with lots of people, you won’t feel as crowded because the park is just too huge.


#3 Dino Safari

Who doesn’t like dinosaur?

If you go to Shibuya Hikarie between Thursday April 25th, 2019 and Saturday May 4th, 2019, you can meet dinosaurs!! Okay… not the actual ones. 😛

I already bought tickets and I’m taking my son there. This is my first time going there, but my first impression of watching YouTube video is that, it looks like a runway for dinosaurs not models. 😉 I hope my son doesn’t get scared…..

Check out the site. You need to buy tickets to get in.


#4 DIY

Wall painting!

How about doing some DIY with you kids? It can be anything from gardening, painting wall, etc. This year, I would like to plant more trees in our garden. The actual work will be done by my husband but we can all choose which trees we want to watch growing. We are going to tag the trees so after several years, we would have memory to look back. 🙂

One day I would like to paint garage wall one day with my son. He is just too small right now though.


#5 Home Party with Your Family Friends


If you have family friends with kids same or similar age as yours, have them come over to your place or you go to their place and just have relaxing time watching your kids play. (Well… watching kids is not entirely relaxing!;-P) It will be so much comfort that you don’t have to worry about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow being workday and enjoy a glass of wine and nice food with your friends. I am planning a pajama party with our family friends. 😉


#6 Camping

My husband and I enjoyed camping a lot before our son was born. Even when I was pregnant with big belly, we would still go camping because it’s just so refreshing to be out there in the nature doing nothing! Excepting for eating, eating, and eating. 😉

Last year, we went a couple times with our son but we didn’t get to do much because my son wasn’t even walking back then. We are so excited this year because we can start enjoying camping again with our son!

Golden Week season is very crowded usually. You should definitely reserve in advanced to be able to camping during the Golden Week. I was lazy and didn’t get to reserve this year so we won’t be going camping this year. But in the future, I would like to include camping in my agenda.


#7 Last but not least is… Park! Park! Park!

Any park near your house would be perfect. Pick a day with nice weather and just let your kids and yourself out to get some fresh air. Bring a leisure sheet and/or picnic chairs. Do some little picnic with some sandwich, drinks, fruits, etc. Spend lots of time with your kids. After all, that’s all you need to do this Golden Week, spending the best time of all with your kids. 🙂

So what’s your plan for this Golden Week? I would love to hear your plan so I may add to my list! Enjoy the long holiday! I am sure I will. 🙂

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