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Fly in to Tokyo’s Haneda or Narita Airport?

Are you planning to travel to Tokyo? Which airport will you use? Haneda? Narita?

Let’s see which airport is more convenient.

I personally would recommend Haneda Airport.  It takes about 30 minutes to the central Tokyo from Haneda Airport whereas it takes more than an hour from Narita Airport.  😮

In terms of the distance, it’s about 76km from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. Nevertheless, from Haneda Airport, it’s only about 16 km to Tokyo Station. Haneda Airport is almost 5 times closer than Narita Airport.  😀

Then why would you even consider Narita Airport?

It used to be that Haneda Airport was used more for domestic flights than international flights. So even if you want to fly to Haneda Airport, you didn’t have many choices. But lately there are a lot more international flights flying from and to Haneda Airport.

But still you would find a lot more flights to Narita Airport which makes flight tickets relatively more available and cheaper.

It doesn’t mean flight tickets to Haneda is much more expensive. It’s just that you have more choices in terms of number of flights and time so it would be easier for you to find the right tickets for you. But consider Haneda as your option because I think it’s so much more convenient than Narita.

I personally like Haneda Airport as an airport itself too. They are much newer and cleaner and you find a lot more nicer restaurants and shops. It’s nice to hang out before you take off. Compared to that, Narita Airport feels a little old and out-dated.

Once you arrive at the airport, there are several ways to choose from in terms of transportation. You can take train, limousine bus, or even taxi.

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