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“Tsuyu-iri” rainy season starts in Tokyo

[Rainy season has officially end in July 29th, 2019 in Tokyo. It is 8 days later than the average and 30 days later than last year. It felt endless!!! Now the hot hot hot summer is waiting.]

Japan has 4 seasons and the summer usually starts with rainy season. In most of Japan, rainy season starts in June and lasts until mid July but it may slightly differ depending on the region. I would say it usually starts in the beginning of June and ends around early to mid July in Tokyo.

When will the rainy season start this year? How long will it last this year?

What does “Tsuyu-iri” mean?

We are about to officially “Tsuyu-iri” in Tokyo soon. Rainy season is called “tsuyu (梅雨:つゆ)” in Japanese. “iri (入り:いり)” means “to enter.” Therefore, combining these two words, “tyuyu-iri (梅雨入り:つゆいり)” means “entering the rainy season“.

Rainy season in Tokyo is expected to start in June 8th this year in 2019. It officially started June 6th last year. Look at the weather forecast of Tokyo for the next 10 days. Rain, rain, rain…. Pretty depressing… 🙁

Weather forecast for the next 10 days

I was planning to go camping this weekend, but I had to cancel. ughhh..

How long is the rainy season in Japan? 

The end of rainy season is called “tsuyu-ake (梅雨明け)”. “Ake (明け:あけ)” means “dawn”. The rainy season lasts about one and a half month. It’s too long!!!

This year, they expect to end in July 21st. Last year it ended in June 29th, which is earlier than average. It seems really long this year. 🙁

Although it is rainy season, it doesn’t mean it will rain the whole time. Sometimes I even forget it’s rainy season, because it doesn’t rain at all. This year, they expect to have less rain in June but a lot of rain in July. So prepare your rain boots and poncho in July!

By the time the rainy season ends, hot and very very humid Japanese summer starts. Japanese summer is not pleasant at all…. I really miss California summer.

Although June is rainy season, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy outdoor. June is the best season for Ajisai (Hydrangea) and there are many places you can go to see Ajisai.

I wrote about my experience going to Kita-Kamakura, which is famous for Ajisai.


Let’s cheer up and enjoy the rainy season!

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